The Groom’s Guide to Survive Engagement Part 1

Document the Planning Process: Keep your camera close at hand. Your fiance’s so busy with planning that she will have few actual memories of the planning process. Here’s some photo tips:

Take photo of your fiance tasting cakes. put some icing on her nose and snap away

Snap a pic of the ring bearer trying on his tux. Bring along the pillow and ring.

Sneak photo of her and her bridesmaids putting together favors.

Take photo of her asleep surrounded by all of her wedding magazines.

Take picture of your bride-to-be signing vendor contracts.

A pic of her and her mother going through the guest list.

Don’t forget to include pics of your guy’s only functions. Have someone take a pic of you and your best man at the bachelor party.

After it’s all over, surprise her with the photos in a pretty album or scrapbook. Trust me. She’ll be thrilled.

Pamper Her: Help your fiance de-stress with pampering and romance. Surprise her at work with a bouquet of flowers. Give her a sensual massage or a gift certificate for a day at the spa. Fill bathroom with candles and settle her in for a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Get Away: Head out of town for the weekend. Leave the stress behind and just relax. The only rule: keep all the wedding talk and plans at home.