The Groom’s Guide to Survive Engagement Part 1

Document the Planning Process: Keep your camera close at hand. Your fiance’s so busy with planning that she will have few actual memories of the planning process. Here’s some photo tips:

Take photo of your fiance tasting cakes. put some icing on her nose and snap away

Snap a pic of the ring bearer trying on his tux. Bring along the pillow and ring.

Sneak photo of her and her bridesmaids putting together favors.

Take photo of her asleep surrounded by all of her wedding magazines.

Take picture of your bride-to-be signing vendor contracts.

A pic of her and her mother going through the guest list.

Don’t forget to include pics of your guy’s only functions. Have someone take a pic of you and your best man at the bachelor party.

After it’s all over, surprise her with the photos in a pretty album or scrapbook. Trust me. She’ll be thrilled.

Pamper Her: Help your fiance de-stress with pampering and romance. Surprise her at work with a bouquet of flowers. Give her a sensual massage or a gift certificate for a day at the spa. Fill bathroom with candles and settle her in for a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Get Away: Head out of town for the weekend. Leave the stress behind and just relax. The only rule: keep all the wedding talk and plans at home.


Super Grooms Final Checklist “Preparations for the Ceremony”

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute: If you can pick up your tux 2 days before the wedding, do it. If there are any problems, your tux shop will have the time to fix them.

Try on Everything: The tux, tie, vest and the shoes. When you leave the tux shop, make sure you have everything. Encourage your groomsmen to do the same. If you can all go together at the same time, that can save lots of time and hassles.

If Alterations are Necessary, Don’t Sweat It Too Much: Hopefully, You have chosen a tux shop with an on duty tailor, making minor repairs a snap.

If Something Feels or Looks Too Tight or Too Loose, Speak Up: You don’t want yours pants falling down while dancing with your new mother in law.

Make Sure You Know When the Tuxes Must Be Returned: The fees for renting them an extra day is something you and your men don’t want. Make arrangements with your Best Man or someone you trust to return your tux for you since you will be too busy starting your Honeymoon.

Alternative Bachelor Parties Part 3

Rent Beach House: Keep your groom relaxed to party in a private setting and enjoy the fun and sun. Visit for listings.

Men’s Day Spa: A haircut, relax with yoga, massages, mud baths while sipping tea. Tranquility before the storm. Go to and locate the spa near you.

Rent a Limo: Start off at fancy steakhouse and end up at dive bars. will steer you in the right direction.

Scavenger Hunt: has plenty of list ideas that you can incorporate into a regular event.

Road Trip: plan one or just hop in car and follow the road. will lead your adventurous spirit.

Wine Tasting at Vineyards: will map out your tasting excursions. Keep a sober driver on hand.

Whiskey Tasting: Not cheap but arrange for a private tasting at a whiskey bar. Find your locations at 

Cigar Tasting: Incorporate this with the whiskey tasting and feel like an upper crust society member in no time. for more information.

Bachelor Party Alternatives Part 2

Here’s the next segment of the Alternatives Bachelor Party Ideas

Paintball: Let the groom’s team win and everything will be fine in the world. will guide you to your closest playing field.

Hunting: For those who want to go out in the wild and be one with nature, will set you up with licensing and regulations.

Camping: beer cans scattered around the fire, clean air, starry skies, no cellphones, quiet contrast to wedding planning. list your local campsites.

Fishing: goes hand in hand with hunting and camping. will take care of your licensing needs.

Skeet Shooting: try shooting clay discs instead if hunting bothers your moral compass. At, you will find out all your skeet needs.

Bachelor Party Alternatives Part 1

Welcome to the new blog series that will focus on Groom’s wants and needs. Often, the groom gets lost in the wedding plans shuffle. This will be a forum in which the male perspective comes to life. This blog will start with alternate bachelor parties filled with fun.

Play Poker: Fire up the grill, drink cheap beer and $20 buy-ins. Check out for all of the poker game variations.

Video Game Marathon: A weekend of Halo, Call of Duty, Madden and Tiger Woods golf will decrease the stress of wedding planning. Visit for the latest on game information.

Drinking Games/ Sports Competition: Create your own Olympiad complete with teams, point system, prizes, snacks and a keg. Choose simple around the house games like Ping Pong, Pool, Corn Hole, Darts, H.O.R.S.E., Lawn Darts, and Horse Shoes just to name a few. Your nearest sporting goods store should have these items.

Go Cart Racing: Visit for the Go-Kart track nearest you.

Attend a Baseball Game: Splurge on field seats if possible. If not, more cash for beer at ballpark or the cooler for tailgating. Check out for ticket/schedule information.

Round of Golf: Only if your groom enjoys the links. Bring airplane bottles in your bag that you have to drink each time your ball goes into the water or sand trap. Visit for courses and tee times in your area.