Super Grooms Final Checklist “Preparations for the Ceremony”

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute: If you can pick up your tux 2 days before the wedding, do it. If there are any problems, your tux shop will have the time to fix them.

Try on Everything: The tux, tie, vest and the shoes. When you leave the tux shop, make sure you have everything. Encourage your groomsmen to do the same. If you can all go together at the same time, that can save lots of time and hassles.

If Alterations are Necessary, Don’t Sweat It Too Much: Hopefully, You have chosen a tux shop with an on duty tailor, making minor repairs a snap.

If Something Feels or Looks Too Tight or Too Loose, Speak Up: You don’t want yours pants falling down while dancing with your new mother in law.

Make Sure You Know When the Tuxes Must Be Returned: The fees for renting them an extra day is something you and your men don’t want. Make arrangements with your Best Man or someone you trust to return your tux for you since you will be too busy starting your Honeymoon.

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