Emergency Must Have: Wedding Event Day Kit

Extra set of shoes
Extra undergarments
Extra jewelry
Hair maintenance
Makeup maintenance
Face shield for putting on dresses so they don’t get makeup on them
First aid kit with medicine like Tylenol and Tums
Breath mints instead of gum
Hand sanitizer

Sewing kit
Lint roller
Disposable, mini toothbrush
Floss picks
Makeup sponges
Magic eraser
Bobby pins
Tide-to-go bleach pens

*Optional items

Tape measure
Glue gun
Extension cord
Extra electrical sockets
Safety pins, corsage pins, push pins
Green floral tape
Writing pens and pencils
Liquid stitch for hems
Wire cutters
Mounting squares
Lysol to go
Hydrogen peroxide spray
Stickers/labels to note location of wedding party on floor
Sticky back Velcro
Static Guard
Wrinkle Release
Air freshener
Paper clips
Binder clips
Box cutter
Plastic drop cloth
Box of votive candles and cylinders
Extra ribbon


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