Alternatives to Vegas gambling Part 2

Masquerade Show in the Sky @ The Rio: Every 2 hours starting at 6pm, 5 floats travel on an overhead track above the casino while 36 dancers, musicians, stilt walkers and aerialists perform on a stage, or from 8 attractions that drop from the sky or 2 circular lifts that rise from the floor.

Buccaneer Bay at Entrance of Treasure Island: Every 90 minutes starting at 4pm till Midnight, the British Royal Navy battle Pirates in a water show complete with stuntmen, cannons and sinking ships. Get there early.

Fremont Street Experience Downtown: Every hour on the hour from 8-12pm, a $70 million sound/light show takes place above four downtown city blocks.

MGM Grand: Visit CBS-TV City Research Center where you can watch and offer feedback on preview TV shows and receive free refreshments and coupons.

Hard Rock Cafe Rock and Roll Memorabilia: You can see memorabilia of legendary bands and rockers from Beatle collectibles to Madonna’s underwear.

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