The Right Ring

Ask most married couples and they would agree that weddings despite being joyous are an exhausting event. Why? The entire wedding planning process that may involve searching for the venue, the cake, the food, beverages, the wedding attire, the reception, and other details consume so much time.

One of the major considerations of couples currently planning to tie the knot is the jewelry for the event, such as the wedding rings. Often, a diamond wedding set is perfect because it can serve as an engagement ring and the wedding ring all at the same.

Finding that prefect wedding ring

If you are one of those couples planning to buy a diamond wedding ring set for the wedding; it would be best if you find time to research on what is available. Browse the Internet and check out wedding ring facts on different sites. Visit jewelry stores or ask for a referral by someone you trust. Some tips that will help you start searching for your dream diamond wedding ring set:

Select a diamond wedding ring set that suits your taste. Many diamond wedding ring sets are available in most jewelry stores today and can be engraved upon request. If you prefer simple settings, you could select a diamond wedding ring set that has a contemporary or modern look. For those who prefer a grand setting, go for a diamond wedding ring set that includes intricate designs. There are rings available that offer both traditional and antique style.

Decide which type of metal to use for the setting and also determine the weight based on your budget. The most common setting of any diamond wedding ring set is gold; white gold or yellow gold. Based on standards, fine gold jewelry should be mounted in either 18-karat (K) which consists of 18 parts pure gold with 6 parts other metals or a 14-karat (K) that has 14 parts pure gold combined with 10 parts of other metals. Another option is platinum because it has remarkable appeal and may last longer. Tungsten, titanium and silver are other metals commonly used for wedding rings.

Consider the shape of the cut for the diamond. The most two popular diamond shapes for wedding rings are round or brilliant because they tend to sparkle more than other shapes. Other popular cuts for diamond wedding rings include baguette, emerald shape, heart shape, oval shape, pear shape, princess cut, marquise, and trillion wedding rings.

Melissa Reed, Cloud Nine Wedding Officiants
July 31, 2013

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