The Right Wedding Dress

For future brides, the first part of wedding planning is all about finding that perfect wedding dress. Although there are so many bridal stores and shops that offer wedding dresses, many future brides are finding it hard to find the perfect dress that they feel is best for them. When the search for the wedding gown has not even begun this could cause a delay in the entire wedding planning process.

Getting solutions

If you are one of those future brides having a hard time choosing a ready to wear or designer made wedding gown or having a hard time with their designers for not getting the style that they want; the best option for you would be to design your own wedding gown. Experts say that if you are the type of bride that would want to look totally unique, then you should learn how to design your own wedding gown! This task might seem daunting at first, but if you really want to do it your own way, you will overcome that “I couldn’t do it” mentality and start working on your dream dress.

Once you have decided to design your wedding gown, then the major consideration would be the time available. Now is the best time to get started on it! If you think you have more than enough time to design your own wedding dress, then you must familiarize yourself with the basics.

To save time and money when designing your wedding dress, the first thing that you need to do is to conduct research. This research should include: the different body types for each wedding dress, various wedding dress shapes, materials that can be used, styles that are in trend, cuts that will fit you, colors, and basic sewing information. Once you are done with research, proceed in the design.

Before you begin, it is very important for you to determine your body type in order to know which dress shape would look good on you. If you have a tall frame, almost any style of wedding dress would look good on you. If you are petite, it is better to stick with clean style and cuts, having too many intricacies in the dress design can be overwhelming for your frame. If you are pear shaped, it is safe to stick with A-line princess cut wedding dresses to slim your waist. If you do your research intently, you will discover that there are so many simple remedies when it comes to physical flaws. Familiarize yourself with different dress shapes and cuts for wedding gowns including straight line, empire cut, ball gown, mermaid, and others so you can create your own variation if needed.

You will be able to create a theme for your wedding once the dress is selected, then you will be able to get started with your entire wedding planning. Be sure to select colors and in season local floral to accent the theme you select for your wedding.

Melissa Reed, Cloud Nine Wedding Officiants
July 30, 2013

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