Alternatives to Gambling in Vegas Part 1

 Mirage Casino: At the entrance of the Mirage, Ziegfried and Roy’s white tigers are on display along with accompanying video. The diorama housing them is a large room painted like a Kashmir temple with spouting fountains and a pool that the tigers swim in. There’s also a dolphins that frolic in their own tank. $ 3/ hour.

Caesar’s Palace: Every hour at the Forum shops, the ceiling and a series of mechanized statues come to life in a show advertising the ride ” The Race for Atlantis”. It cost $9 but worth it.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway: Every Friday night, the speedway permits non-professionals to drag race in what’s known as the Midnight Mayhem Series. Go to for more details.

Stratosphere Tower: Standing at 1149 feet, it’s the nations tallest observation tower. It’s also home to 3 thrilling rides. The X-Scream is a teeter-totter that hangs guests 866 feet above ground, the Big Shot shoots guests upwards at 45mph until they’re 1081 feet high and InsanityThe Ride takes the form of a mechanical arm that extends 64 feet from the tower and twists riders 900 feet above ground.

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef: Here you will see some amazing aquatic creatures. The best part of the shark reef is that you literally can come face to face with a shark.

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