Unique Wedding Reception Table Theme Ideas

1) Name the tables with your favorite colors or flowers.

2) You and your partners’ childhood characters or favorite childhood cartoons.

3) Characters from your favorite books – like names of leading ladies and leading men.

4) Cars you and your partner have owned or your favorite cars you want to own.

5) Your favorite festivals you have been to together.

6) The best museums you’ve been to together or date locations.

7) Your favorite parks or gardens. Example: the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden.

8) Places you’re going on your honeymoon.

9) Use the name of the streets you and your partner lived on growing up.

10) Use names and photos of famous couples. Example: Scarlett O’Hara and Rhet Butler.

11) Different song titles that sum up your relationship or your favorite songs.

12) Use the names of you and your partners childhood pets or your favorite animals.

13) Different beaches, deserts or mountain ranges you enjoy visiting together.

14) Your favorite lines from films or your favorite movie names.

15) You and your partners favorite foods or desserts.

16) Your favorite sports teams or players.

17) Names of your favorite trees or plants.

18) Big into fishing? Name the tables after your favorite fish.

19) Your favorite wines can be great to name tables, especially if doing a wine theme wedding.

20) You and your partners favorite bands or band members.

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