Love Letter Writing

A love letter is one of the simplest and cherished way of telling and showing your partner how you feel about them. Here’s some steps that make it easier than you think.

Stationary: Go to the greeting card store and pick out a paper pattern that looks romantic. Type your letter if your handwriting looks like a doctor’s prescription. You can send a love letter email but the traditional way is more romantic.

Intimate Salutation: Instead of starting your letter with a simple  Dear “, go ahead and use ” To My Beloved “, ” Dearest ( Name ) “, ” My Lovely ( Name ) ” etc. Tap into your inner most feelings when composing  your love letter.

Write: Think of memorable moments and write about them in detail, why it moved you, what made it special, how it made you feel and changed your relationship. Flatter your partner with compliments, what you love most about them and the way they make you a better person. Finish your letter with thoughts of your future together, what you’re looking forward to and things you want to do together. Sharing your thoughts and dreams with your partner will make them feel special and loved.

End with Intimate Signature: Sign more than your name by adding ” Yours Forever “, ” Love Always and Forever ” or ” Intimately Yours “. End with the name/ pet name  your partner always calls you.

Add a P.S. : Add an inside joke or X’s and O’s ( Hugs and Kisses ).

Add Personal Touch: Spray the letter with the cologne she likes best on you. Leave the letter on her pillow or mixed in with the regular mail for a final surprising touch.

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