Marriage Proposals Part 4

Are you a fun loving couple with a sense of humor? Try one of these fun proposals and make a game out of it.

Word Search Puzzle: Make a hidden message word search puzzle and have her solve it. Let the letters not circled spell out Will you marry me?” 

Crossword Puzzle: Create a crossword puzzle and have all the words related to weddings, marriage, and engagement clues.

Treasure Hunt: Have a treasure hunt and leave clues around the house that lead her to you with flowers, balloons, and an engagement ring.

Board Games: While playing Life, propose when she lands at ” Stop for Marriage”. While playing Monopoly, give her an engagement ring as her game piece or when playing Trivial Pursuit, when she’s answering a “pie” question, ask for her hand in marriage.

Bowling: Go bowling with a group of friends. When she not looking, type her name as will you marry me as WYMM. When she asks what it means, tell her she needs to roll a strike or spare to find out. After she does, drop to one knee and propose.

Please give me feedback if you use any of the ideas from this blog or previous ones. Check out our website at

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