Marriage Proposals Part 1

Whether it’s a meal out or a ring on a cake, using food is a great way to surprise your sweetie with a marriage proposal.

Buy Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses: Place the ring in the bouquet. When she notices the ring, ask for her hand in marriage.

Bake her a cake: Put the ring on top in the icing. It’s hard for a woman to resist a man who bakes cakes.

Substitute the prize in a Cracker Jack Box: Give her a box of Cracker Jacks with the an engagement ring inside as the prize. When she pulls out the ring, get down on one knee and propose.

Fortune Cookie Proposal: Buy fortune cookies and remove fortunes with tweezers. Replace the fortunes with note asking her to marry you. You can set it up with a Chinese restaurant to bring them to you after dinner or delivered with take out.

Take her on a picnic: Make all the food yourself and save dessert for last. Tell her how much she’ll love the dessert. Place the ring in a box made of chocolate ( found in fine candy stores ). When it’s time for dessert, give her the box and be ready to pop the question.

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