Marriage Proposals Part 4

Are you a fun loving couple with a sense of humor? Try one of these fun proposals and make a game out of it.

Word Search Puzzle: Make a hidden message word search puzzle and have her solve it. Let the letters not circled spell out Will you marry me?” 

Crossword Puzzle: Create a crossword puzzle and have all the words related to weddings, marriage, and engagement clues.

Treasure Hunt: Have a treasure hunt and leave clues around the house that lead her to you with flowers, balloons, and an engagement ring.

Board Games: While playing Life, propose when she lands at ” Stop for Marriage”. While playing Monopoly, give her an engagement ring as her game piece or when playing Trivial Pursuit, when she’s answering a “pie” question, ask for her hand in marriage.

Bowling: Go bowling with a group of friends. When she not looking, type her name as will you marry me as WYMM. When she asks what it means, tell her she needs to roll a strike or spare to find out. After she does, drop to one knee and propose.

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Marriage Proposals Part 3

Marriage proposals are very private and personal. Here’s some private moment proposal ideas to help you create a unique and personal marriage proposal

Bubble Bath: Relax together in a bubble bath with candles all over the bathroom. Propose as you share your hopes and dreams for the future.

Make Dinner: Make her a candlelit dinner. Fill it with aphrodisiac foods ( Tuna, Salmon, Asparagus, Avocado, fresh herbs like Oregano, Basil and Rosemary ), wine, and end it with a decadent dessert and your romantic proposal.

Breakfast in Bed: Make her breakfast in bed and place a romantic card on the tray with your proposal.

Sleeping Bag: Squeeze into a sleeping bag and lay under the stars together. Have her close her eyes to make a wish, then when she opens them, have the ring waiting for her.

Movie Night: Plan a romantic movie night at home. Let her pick her favorite romantic movie, get a cuddle blanket for two and a bowl of popcorn. While she puts the movie in, you make the popcorn, strategically placing the ring on the boom of the bowl. When she finds it, ask for her hand in marriage.

Hiking: Take her for a scenic hike. When you reach an inspirational point-waterfall, ocean or mountain view, etc- tell her that you wanted to bring her to a spot almost as beautiful as she is and then pop the question.

Marriage Proposals Part 2

Get your pets involved in your marriage proposal. You can also use other animals or in an animal setting such as the zoo.

Animal Collar: Tie the ring to your cat or dogs collar ( ala  Meet the Parents” ). When she sees the ring, get down on one knee and propose.

Teach “Polly”: Teach your parrot to say ” Will You Marry Me? “. She’ll be surprised to hear those words from your feathered friend.

Proposal Sweater: get a custom made sweater for your dog that says ” Will You Marry Me? “. Surprise her with the sweater and proposal when pick up Fido from the groomers or plan to meet in the park with Fido greeting her with the proposal.

Zoo Trip: Take her to the zoo for the day and explain to her how the different animals express their love to their mates. After you’ve described the animals relationships, tell her its time to take tours to the next level.

Carriage Ride: After an intimate, romantic dinner, take her out for a romantic horse drawn carriage ride around the city. While cuddling under the stars, ask her to do you the honor of becoming your wife.

Marriage Proposals Part 1

Whether it’s a meal out or a ring on a cake, using food is a great way to surprise your sweetie with a marriage proposal.

Buy Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses: Place the ring in the bouquet. When she notices the ring, ask for her hand in marriage.

Bake her a cake: Put the ring on top in the icing. It’s hard for a woman to resist a man who bakes cakes.

Substitute the prize in a Cracker Jack Box: Give her a box of Cracker Jacks with the an engagement ring inside as the prize. When she pulls out the ring, get down on one knee and propose.

Fortune Cookie Proposal: Buy fortune cookies and remove fortunes with tweezers. Replace the fortunes with note asking her to marry you. You can set it up with a Chinese restaurant to bring them to you after dinner or delivered with take out.

Take her on a picnic: Make all the food yourself and save dessert for last. Tell her how much she’ll love the dessert. Place the ring in a box made of chocolate ( found in fine candy stores ). When it’s time for dessert, give her the box and be ready to pop the question.