Alternative Bachelor Parties Part 3

Rent Beach House: Keep your groom relaxed to party in a private setting and enjoy the fun and sun. Visit for listings.

Men’s Day Spa: A haircut, relax with yoga, massages, mud baths while sipping tea. Tranquility before the storm. Go to and locate the spa near you.

Rent a Limo: Start off at fancy steakhouse and end up at dive bars. will steer you in the right direction.

Scavenger Hunt: has plenty of list ideas that you can incorporate into a regular event.

Road Trip: plan one or just hop in car and follow the road. will lead your adventurous spirit.

Wine Tasting at Vineyards: will map out your tasting excursions. Keep a sober driver on hand.

Whiskey Tasting: Not cheap but arrange for a private tasting at a whiskey bar. Find your locations at 

Cigar Tasting: Incorporate this with the whiskey tasting and feel like an upper crust society member in no time. for more information.

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