Spring Wedding Table Card Name Idea


For your guest table cards try using table names from; the flowers in bloom during the season, used in your wedding theme or those used in your bridal bouquet. An idea to make your wedding table cards unique: perhaps choose vintage seed packet images to go on table cards. This idea will go well with these; garden setting weddings, outdoor receptions, and vintage theme weddings. Flower name and color list below.

 Spring flowers:

Anemone: Blue, red, pink, white
Bells of Ireland: Green
Boronia: Pink
Casa Blanca Lily: White
Daffodil: Yellow
Delphinium: White, Blue
Hyacinth: Purple, Pink or White
Lilacs: Violet or White
Narcissus: White
Peony: Pink or White
Ranunculus: white, pink, red, orange and yellow
Star Gazer Lily: Pink and White
Sweetpea: white, pink, red/coral, and lavender/purple
Tulip: Many colors, including white, pink, yellow, red, and purple
Waxflower: pinky purple and white

Baby’s Breath: White
Bachelor’s Button: White, Pink, Red or Blue
Calla Lily: White and other colors
Carnations: Many Colors
Delphinium: Blue, White, Purple
Eucalyptus: Blue, Silver
Gardenia: White
Gladiolus: Many Colors
Heather: Pink
Lily of the Valley: White and Pink
Orchid: Pink, White, Purple, Other Colors
Protea: Pink
Rose: Many Colors
Scabiosa: Purple, White

Information for list of flowers for weddings from about.com: wedding flowers.

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