Alternative Bachelor Parties Part 4

Rent Boats: go out cruising on the lake.

Rent RVs: go camping in style.

Rent Off Road Vehicles: blaze your own trails out in the wild.

Herd Cattle: turn the movie City Slickers into reality.

Skydiving: a bit costly but worth the thrill. Visit 

White Water Rafting: Guided rafting trips that require no knowledge, experience, or sobriety.

Water/Jet Skiing: If you’re renting boats, might as well include these activities.


Alternative Bachelor Parties Part 3

Rent Beach House: Keep your groom relaxed to party in a private setting and enjoy the fun and sun. Visit for listings.

Men’s Day Spa: A haircut, relax with yoga, massages, mud baths while sipping tea. Tranquility before the storm. Go to and locate the spa near you.

Rent a Limo: Start off at fancy steakhouse and end up at dive bars. will steer you in the right direction.

Scavenger Hunt: has plenty of list ideas that you can incorporate into a regular event.

Road Trip: plan one or just hop in car and follow the road. will lead your adventurous spirit.

Wine Tasting at Vineyards: will map out your tasting excursions. Keep a sober driver on hand.

Whiskey Tasting: Not cheap but arrange for a private tasting at a whiskey bar. Find your locations at 

Cigar Tasting: Incorporate this with the whiskey tasting and feel like an upper crust society member in no time. for more information.

Bachelor Party Alternatives Part 2

Here’s the next segment of the Alternatives Bachelor Party Ideas

Paintball: Let the groom’s team win and everything will be fine in the world. will guide you to your closest playing field.

Hunting: For those who want to go out in the wild and be one with nature, will set you up with licensing and regulations.

Camping: beer cans scattered around the fire, clean air, starry skies, no cellphones, quiet contrast to wedding planning. list your local campsites.

Fishing: goes hand in hand with hunting and camping. will take care of your licensing needs.

Skeet Shooting: try shooting clay discs instead if hunting bothers your moral compass. At, you will find out all your skeet needs.

Bachelor Party Alternatives Part 1

Welcome to the new blog series that will focus on Groom’s wants and needs. Often, the groom gets lost in the wedding plans shuffle. This will be a forum in which the male perspective comes to life. This blog will start with alternate bachelor parties filled with fun.

Play Poker: Fire up the grill, drink cheap beer and $20 buy-ins. Check out for all of the poker game variations.

Video Game Marathon: A weekend of Halo, Call of Duty, Madden and Tiger Woods golf will decrease the stress of wedding planning. Visit for the latest on game information.

Drinking Games/ Sports Competition: Create your own Olympiad complete with teams, point system, prizes, snacks and a keg. Choose simple around the house games like Ping Pong, Pool, Corn Hole, Darts, H.O.R.S.E., Lawn Darts, and Horse Shoes just to name a few. Your nearest sporting goods store should have these items.

Go Cart Racing: Visit for the Go-Kart track nearest you.

Attend a Baseball Game: Splurge on field seats if possible. If not, more cash for beer at ballpark or the cooler for tailgating. Check out for ticket/schedule information.

Round of Golf: Only if your groom enjoys the links. Bring airplane bottles in your bag that you have to drink each time your ball goes into the water or sand trap. Visit for courses and tee times in your area.

Spring Wedding Table Card Name Idea


For your guest table cards try using table names from; the flowers in bloom during the season, used in your wedding theme or those used in your bridal bouquet. An idea to make your wedding table cards unique: perhaps choose vintage seed packet images to go on table cards. This idea will go well with these; garden setting weddings, outdoor receptions, and vintage theme weddings. Flower name and color list below.

 Spring flowers:

Anemone: Blue, red, pink, white
Bells of Ireland: Green
Boronia: Pink
Casa Blanca Lily: White
Daffodil: Yellow
Delphinium: White, Blue
Hyacinth: Purple, Pink or White
Lilacs: Violet or White
Narcissus: White
Peony: Pink or White
Ranunculus: white, pink, red, orange and yellow
Star Gazer Lily: Pink and White
Sweetpea: white, pink, red/coral, and lavender/purple
Tulip: Many colors, including white, pink, yellow, red, and purple
Waxflower: pinky purple and white

Baby’s Breath: White
Bachelor’s Button: White, Pink, Red or Blue
Calla Lily: White and other colors
Carnations: Many Colors
Delphinium: Blue, White, Purple
Eucalyptus: Blue, Silver
Gardenia: White
Gladiolus: Many Colors
Heather: Pink
Lily of the Valley: White and Pink
Orchid: Pink, White, Purple, Other Colors
Protea: Pink
Rose: Many Colors
Scabiosa: Purple, White

Information for list of flowers for weddings from wedding flowers.

Spring Wedding Themes

Spring Wedding Themes

Classic Spring Wedding Style

Theme colors: Peony pink, pale pink and greens

This theme includes lush centerpieces that incorporate bright pink peonies to light pink freesias. Try greenery pieces like amaranths. Pink and green ribbons can replace the table runners in varying shades, widths, and textures. This will create a colorful statement on crisp white linens. Vary the tables by placing green napkins on some and pink napkins on the others. Add a flower to the napkin; choose a contrasting bloom or try using white to stand out against your fabric color. Add sashes or cushions in pink and green hues to your chairs. Use white garden chairs to complete the seating.

Formal Spring Wedding Style

Theme colors: Ivory and white

This theme incorporates the warm whites of the season. Use springtime blooms such as; French tulips, lilies of the valley, and hyacinths. For your centerpiece flowers find ones that have a hint of green in them. Try lady’s slipper orchids and cabbage roses. These flowers will add depth and bring in a bit of seasonal color. A different option is to highlight the flecks of yellow, pink, and brown on white irises or other flowers used. Contrasted textures such as crisp white pin tucked linens and satin ivory napkins set the table in formal style. To step up your formal theme add pale silver or platinum chargers under plates. You could add the soft glow of candles, votives or tea lights floating in water or in sand inside clear glass containers.

Modern Spring Wedding Style

Theme colors: Vibrant orange and green

Alternate between different height centerpieces. On a low centerpiece try bright green wheatgrass with anemones or gerber daisies in orange hues. These centerpieces are simple but make a modern statement. Go with a few stems of brilliant orange orchids springing up for taller centerpieces from celadon green vases. You could consider green cymbidiums in deep orange vases. Set round dinner plates on square chargers in celadon green. Perhaps use poppy orange napkins in neatly folded triangles. Use table cover linens in white or ivory so your colors and shapes give a modern flair. Create your place cards in pairs of colors for your attending guests. Example: try two poppy orange cards followed by two more in celadon green. Nice for couples to have the same colored place card setting.

Vintage Spring Wedding Style

Theme colors: Purple and yellow

Use classic spring blooms like grape hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips. Try using live potted plants for this theme! You could use pots in terra cotta or seek out glazed containers in seasonal colors. Example; use full-size plants and mini-size versions. You could set out trios of the mini version. Added bonus, your guests could take the potted flowers home as a keepsake. Get the vintage theme effect by placing vintage-inspired white lace over butter yellow linens. Try using toile or chintz seat cushions that incorporate your wedding colors. Perhaps use vintage images from seed packets on your stationery, like your place cards or table numbers. You can get personalized seed packets to give as keepsakes with your potted flowers.

Rustic Spring Wedding Style

Theme colors: Chocolate brown and blue

Use different size centerpieces on your tables. Example; try the chocolate brown hue for the large centerpieces using curly willow, dried seedpods, and dried herbs.  Your middle sizes try blue hydrangeas to tie in the accent color. For your small sizes use white blooms. The idea of displaying one or two super-sized blooms, like peonies or gardenias works well for the rustic theme. Have a chocolate-brown tone for your linens. Add in blue accent perhaps by using ivory-colored napkins with a blue edge on them. Try family-style banquet seating to add to the rustic ambiance. For this color scheme you can use coffee beans to anchor candles inside mason jars as an added touch. You can find blue Jordan almonds for guest favors and wrap with chocolate toile and complete with blue hued ribbons.

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Wedding Ceremony

Rose Ceremony romantic unity ceremony where the bride and groom exchange roses. Other variations to consider; bride and groom exchange roses, then present their mothers with the roses!

Wine Ceremony bride and groom each take a carafe of wine and pour it into a single glass, which they then both drink from.

Garland Ceremony or Lei Ceremony bride and groom exchange garlands of fresh flowers. This ceremony represents their new unity. Other variations to consider; bride and groom can exchange Hawaiian style leis.  Families may exchange leis with the couple. Hawaiian leis represent love and respect for each-other and the new unity of family. Great for an outdoor beach wedding!

The Unity Candle one of the most common additions to wedding ceremonies. The bride and groom each are given a lit candle and simultaneously light a “unity candle.” They may leave them lit, symbolizing that they have not lost their individuality in their unity. Stores are now selling wedding unity candle sets.


Rose Unity Ceremony

Rose Unity Ceremony